Foreign media Asia Pacific enterprises will meet the debt peak, 4 years need to return $1 trillion – pork face

Foreign media: Asia Pacific enterprises will usher in the peak debt service for 4 years or $1 trillion – the Sohu News Reference News Network February 25 news media said, the S & P (Standard & Poor s) said that during the next four years the Asia Pacific companies will need to pay nearly $1 trillion in debt, of which more than half dollar denominated debt. According to the British "Financial Times" website reported on February 25th, the rating agency’s report also highlighted the high risk of junk company should repay the amount rise. Reported that before the report, investors have been worried about a strong dollar and the global economic slowdown will cause borrowers (especially companies in emerging markets are more difficult to roll over maturing debt). Higher interest rates in the United States increased the cost of refinancing of existing loans. The report covers the expiring, from $961 billion 400 million in debt sampp rating, more than 2/5 of them must be repaid in the next two years. Before the current increasingly difficult conditions, the Asia Pacific region has experienced years of credit binge, during which the area borrowers benefited from record low interest rates and global investors rate for higher yielding assets chase. The amount of bonds issued by emerging market companies in Asia last year halved. Emerging market borrowers outstanding bonds, slightly higher than the 80% dollar denominated in euros, and 6%. "With the emergence of global commodity prices collapse, China economic slowdown and the stock market fell, and the dollar, companies in the Asia Pacific region may be found in the next few years credit conditions less conducive to debt refinancing," P analyst report said. In contrast, the headquarters is located in Australia, New Zealand and Japan developed market business loans, only 58% in dollars or euros. "Although the exchange rate risk, but the investment grade Issuers (especially in Australia and other developed markets) are often largely or completely hedge their exposure," S & P said. The biggest danger around the high risk of junk business, for them, is bound to greatly increase the amount of repayment. Non financial institutions have more than 20% of the debt was rated below investment grade, while the proportion of banks and other financial institutions, only 4%. Reported that about $8 billion 600 million in junk bonds will expire, to be repaid in 2016, the amount of next year will be almost doubled, and in 2019 will be doubled again, reaching $30 billion 900 million.   外媒:亚太企业将迎偿债高峰 4年需还1万亿美元-搜狐新闻  参考消息网2月25日报道外媒称,标准普尔(Standard & Poor’s)称,未来四年期间亚太企业将需要偿还近1万亿美元债务,其中逾半是以美元计价的债务。   据英国《金融时报》网站2月25日报道,这家评级机构的报告还突显了风险较高的垃圾级公司的应偿金额上升。   报道称,这份报告出炉之前,投资者已经在担忧美元强势和全球经济增长放缓将使借款人(尤其是新兴市场的企业)更难滚转到期债务。   较高的美国利率提高了对现有贷款进行再融资的成本。   该报告涵盖了即将到期的、由标普评级的9614亿美元债务,其中五分之二以上必须在未来两年内还清。   在当前日益艰难的条件之前,亚太地区经历了持续多年的信贷狂潮,其间该地区借款人受益于创纪录的低利率和全球投资者对高收益率资产的追逐。   亚洲新兴市场公司的债券发行量去年减半。新兴市场借款人的未偿还债券中,略高于80%以美元计价,还有6%以欧元计价。   “随着大宗商品价格出现全球性崩溃,中国经济增长放缓和股市下跌,以及美元升值,亚太地区的企业可能发现未来几年的信贷条件不那么有利于债务再融资,”撰写报告的标普分析师们表示。   相比之下,在总部位于澳大利亚、新西兰和日本的发达市场企业的借款中,只有58%以美元或欧元计价。   “虽然有汇率风险,但投资级发行人(尤其是在澳大利亚等发达市场)往往在很大程度上甚至完全对冲自己的敞口,”标准普尔表示。   最大危险围绕着高风险的垃圾级企业,对它们而言,还款金额势必大幅增加。   非金融机构的债务有20%以上被评为投资级以下,而银行和其他金融机构的这一比例只有4%。   报道称,约有86亿美元的垃圾债券将在2016年到期,需要偿还,这一金额明年将几乎翻倍,而2019年将再次翻倍,达到309亿美元。  相关的主题文章:

Ji’nan duty-free shops hidden claims that tax free is actually more expensive jslottery

Ji’nan duty-free shops hidden claims that "duty-free" is actually more expensive, recently, many people reflect, in the city duty-free shops to buy the so-called "duty-free" products, the price is not cheap, even more expensive than overseas purchasing. In general, duty-free goods are exempt from a part of the import tax, which should be cheaper, but the products I buy are even more expensive than the duty-free supermarkets." Said Ms. Zhou, a citizen who bought a supermarket in a free trade zone in the city. Is the duty-free shop really cheap and fine? Are the products duty-free? If tax free, how about the import mode of these dealers? Recently, with these questions, the reporter visited the Ji’nan City, a number of free trade zones import supermarkets and duty-free shops. Visit a number of imported supermarkets, under the "duty-free" banner, "no overseas purchasing, all of the sea Amoy goods have, and inexpensive", this is a downtown Ji’nan duty-free shop sales slogan. In October 29th, the reporter came to a comprehensive free trade zone supermarket in Quancheng road. It was on the weekend, but there were only a few people in the supermarket. In the daily necessities and food areas, a few yellow promotional cards impressively. Reporters picked up a South Korea brand cream, priced at 116 yuan. The salesman told reporters that these Korean skin care products are duty-free, so there is a greater price advantage. When asked if there were other brands of similar products, the salesman said, "temporarily out of stock."". In Lixia District, Luoyuan street family name "tax-free" under the banner of the import of the supermarket, the reporter saw here many of the products to food, cosmetics, a small kitchen and baby products. In the "cross border commodity exhibition area" of the supermarket, the reporter picked up an Australian milk powder and asked whether the salesman was duty-free. The salesman said that the customer could order from the Internet and send direct mail to the foreign customers, which could save the tax in the middle link. When it comes to whether the other goods in the supermarket are duty-free, the salesperson says "not clear."". Comparison of duty-free price higher than the price paid "as a mouthwash slobber, duty-free shops than the price of purchasing expensive ten yuan, even I usually use Korean mask, duty-free shops and even more expensive than the native South Korea, since tax, why so expensive?" Ms., who was a "sea Amoy" in Ji’nan, expressed her doubts to reporters. With these questions, the reporter took part of the duty-free goods, compares the dutiable value and purchasing price respectively, large supermarkets, found that the so-called "free" commodity prices and commodity prices actually paid flat, or even higher than the price paid. In a duty-free import of supermarkets in the urban areas, a U.S. EOS lipstick, the price is 39 yuan, and paid the same store price; a Korean brand mouthwash slobber duty-free shops, the price is 36.8 yuan, tax payment in the store price of 24.5 yuan, a difference of 12.3 yuan; the small German Chamomile lip balm, free store price for tax 58 yuan, Tmall international store price of 35 yuan to 39 yuan, the shop price of 48 yuan for tax payment. Why is the price of duty-free shops higher than the duty paid price when the dealer pays the price after paying the tax? Is there any tariff in the duty-free shop? In the survey, the reporter found many

济南免税店藏猫腻 宣称“免税”其实更贵   近日,不少市民反映,在市区免税店买到所谓的“免税”产品,价格其实不便宜,甚至比海外代购还要贵一些。“按理说免税店的产品免除了一部分进口税,应该更便宜,可我买的产品甚至比不免税的超市还贵。”在市区某家保税区进口超市购物的市民周女士说。免税店的产品真的物美价廉吗?产品果真都是免税?如果免税,这些经销商的进口方式又是如何?近日,带着这些疑问,记者走访了济南市区多家保税区进口超市和免税店。   探访 多家进口超市打着“免税”旗号   “不用海外代购,这里的海淘商品全都有,而且物美价廉”,这是济南市区某家进口免税店打出的促销口号。   10月29日,记者来到泉城路的一家综合保税区进口超市,正值周末,但超市内只有寥寥数人。在日用品和食品区域,几张黄色的促销牌赫然在目。记者随手拿起一款韩国某品牌润肤霜,标价为116元。售货员告诉记者,这些韩国护肤品都是免税的,所以有较大的价格优势。当被问及是否有其他较大品牌的同类产品时,售货员说“暂时缺货”。   而在历下区泺源大街一家打着“免税”旗号的进口超市中,记者看到这里的商品多以食品、化妆品为主,也有少量厨房用品和母婴用品。在超市的“跨境商品展示区”内,记者随手拿起一件澳洲奶粉询问售货员是否免税,售货员称顾客可从网上下单,由国外直邮给顾客,可以省去中间环节的税。而当提及超市内其他商品是否免税时,售货员称“不清楚”。   对比 免税店的价格高于完税价格   “同样一款漱口水,免税店的价格比代购贵十几元,就连我平时用的韩国面膜,免税店甚至要比韩国本土贵一些,既然都免税了,为啥还这么贵呢?”济南的“海淘族”米女士向记者表达了她的疑虑。   带着这些疑问,记者抽取了部分免税店的商品,分别和代购价格、大型超市的完税价格做了对比,结果发现所谓的“免税”商品,其实价格和完税商品价格基本持平,有的甚至高于完税价格。   在市区的某家免税进口超市,一款美国EOS唇膏,价格为39元,和完税店铺内的价格相同;韩国某品牌漱口水,免税店标价为36.8元,完税店铺内价格为24.5元,相差12.3元;德国小甘菊护唇膏,免税店标价为58元,天猫国际的店铺标价为35元至39元不等,完税店铺内标价为48元。   经销商 拿货价是缴过税后的价格   免税店的价格为何比完税价格高?免税店的价格中是否已经包含关税?在调查中,记者发现多家打着“免税”噱头的进口超市中,价格其实并不便宜。   10月31日,记者采访了负责供应韩国商品的山东新大东股份有限公司。公司负责销售的工作人员表示,公司在韩国进货都需要缴纳关税,经销商在公司的拿货价格中就包含了关税,卖给消费者的价格也是完税价格。外国商品存入保税区,可以不必缴纳进口关税,尚可自由出口,只需交纳存储费和少量费用,但真正销售过程中还是需要缴纳关税的。   (济南日报)相关的主题文章:

Li Changgao beat Zhao Zhixun won the event with sub military salute master w-inds.

Li Changgao beat Zhao Zhixun won the event with military sub tribute masters Li Changgao beat Zhao Zhixun of sina sports news on February 14th, South Korean chess game Legend electronic Rand Cup final 1 Games finish, Li Changgao nine white section, 2 and a half victory over Zhao Zhixun nine. This round robin settled, the top five seating in order for Liu Changhe, Li Changgao, Xu Fengzhu, Zhao Zhixun, Cao Xunxuan. Yesterday, careless overtime, regret Liu Changhe, opponents won the championship ahead of time. After Zhao Zhixun admits that not only used Korean Doumiao, focus more on the game. It’s a bad start, but it’s a pity that the situation is getting better and overtime. I’ve lost too many innings, and the final battle with Li Changgao must win. Zhao Zhixun and Li Changgao first battle back more than 9293 years in Japan and South Korea chess championship tournament, both 1 wins and 1 losses. In 1993 fourth Toyo securities Cup final five Fanqi, Li Changgao 3 to 0 victory, the last fight is in Asian Television 2008 blitzchampionship, Li Changgao Zhao Zhixun 11 wins and 2 losses as "natural enemies". After a lapse of 8 years, two people face-to-face, Li Changgao reproduce the heyday style, with patience and wait for the final establishment of vacuum lead, defends the victory victory over 2 and a half. The eight section explaining Li Xianxu et al for field players. Li Changgao, who owns two thousand gold, just celebrated her birthday for two daughters just a few days ago. After the game, she admitted that she had often made mistakes. Enter the countdown only after make the greatest efforts to stabilize the situation. Taking part in this competition can bring back memories of the past. And Li Changgao said to CHO Chikun and three other chess well, thank you very much for giving yourself the opportunity. So far, the cycle race after 10 innings battle dust settled, according to the straight to determine the final position, followed by Liu Changhe (3 wins and 1 losses), Li Changgao (3 wins and 1 losses), Xu Fengzhu (2 wins and 2 defeats), Zhao Zhixun (1 wins and 3 losses), Cao Xunxuan (1 wins 3 losses). Time is getting, heyday aspect the world stage are half disc player legend decreased concentration, frequent mistakes, even regrets negative timeout. Go to the emperor, the bottom is unexpected, the same age Xu Fengzhu in the national team research room actively training, start two winning streak, but then Lian Cao Li Shitu, unfortunately missed the champion. Instead the long-awaited game coach of the South Korean national team won the championship, Liu Changhe played better, and then you said to play chess in feeling too good. The feelings of "electronic games Rand Cup" South Korean chess game Legend of the 5 participating players are South Korea Master title add up to 428, domestic and international are gains + Cao Xunxuan (63 years old), 151+9 Xu Fengzhu (63 years old), crown crown, 29+1 Zhao Zhixun (60 years old) 72+2 crown, Liu Chang Hector (51 years old) 18+6 crown, Li Changgao (41 years old) 123+17 crown. The total budget was 150 million, champion 50 million, runner up 20 million, third 12 million, fourth 8 million, fifth won 6 million. When each side 1 minutes Doumiao 1 hours 1. (Li Xinzhou)

李昌镐小胜赵治勋获亚军 情怀赛事致敬巨匠 李昌镐战胜赵治勋   新浪体育讯  2月14日,电子兰德杯韩国围棋传奇赛最后1局战罢,李昌镐九段执白2目半小胜赵治勋九段。至此循环赛尘埃落定,五强座次依序为刘昌赫、李昌镐、徐奉洙、赵治勋、曹薰铉。   昨日赵治勋不慎超时憾负刘昌赫,对手提前夺冠。赛后赵治勋坦言并非不习惯韩语读秒,只是更专心在棋上了。开局不利但后面形势好转,超时实在太遗憾。自己已输太多局,最后与李昌镐一战一定要赢。   赵治勋和李昌镐首次对决还要追溯到92 93年韩日快棋冠军对抗赛,双方1胜1负。1993年第4届东洋证券杯决赛五番棋,李昌镐3比0完胜,最近一次交手则是在2008年亚洲电视快棋赛,李昌镐对赵治勋11胜2负俨然“天敌”。时隔8年两人狭路相逢,李昌镐再现鼎盛时期风貌,凭借忍耐和等待确立实空领先,最终稳守胜果小胜2目半。李贤旭八段等人为现场棋友进行了大盘讲解。   拥有两千金的李昌镐几天前刚为二女儿庆祝周岁,赛后坦言最近自己经常失误,本局初期不太好,后面因前辈失误确立了领先。进入读秒后只能尽最大努力稳住局面。参加本次比赛能令人想起很多过去的记忆。赵治勋表示能和李昌镐和其他三位下棋真好,非常感谢能给自己这样的机会。   至此,循环赛经过10局激战尘埃落定,根据直胜确定最终名次,依次为刘昌赫(3胜1负)、李昌镐(3胜1负)、徐奉洙(2胜2败)、赵治勋(1胜3负)、曹薰铉(1胜3负)。岁月不饶人,全盛时期曾纵横世界舞台的传奇棋士们后半盘集中力下降,屡有失误,甚至超时憾负。围棋皇帝曹薰铉最终垫底出乎意料,同龄的徐奉洙在国家队研究室积极训练,开局两连胜,但随后连负曹李师徒,遗憾无缘冠军。结果反而是久别赛场的韩国国家队总教练刘昌赫发挥更佳,勇夺冠军,坦言能够和诸位再在一起下棋感觉太好了。   情怀赛事“电子兰德杯”韩国围棋传奇赛5位参赛棋手均为韩国巨匠,冠军头衔加起来多达428个,国内+国际均有斩获,曹薰铉(63岁)151+9冠、徐奉洙(63岁)29+1冠、赵治勋(60岁)72+2冠、刘昌赫(51岁)18+6冠、李昌镐(41岁)123+17冠。比赛总预算1亿5千万,冠军5千万,亚军2千万,第3名1200万,第4位800万,第5名600万韩元。用时每方1小时1次1分钟读秒。   (李新舟)相关的主题文章:

Temporary shutdown of enclosed Huashan passenger train on some expressways in Shaanxi (video) candy boy

Shaanxi Expressway closed in Huashan temporary bus outage three high-speed rail line speed Xi’an News – Xi’an evening news (reporter Fu Yao) November 22nd, Xi’an ushered in this year after the beginning of winter’s first snowfall, affected by this, Xi’an Railway Bureau, Zheng Xi, West Atlantic three high-speed rail line is 200 kilometers per hour speed limit operation in addition, to the north of Xi’an, Dali D6876 5 times EMU outage. In the XiAn Railway Station and North railway station, the station, tunnels, bridges and other key parts laid mat, and arrange for passenger organization and guidance, strengthen the entrance ticket gate, personnel strength, to ensure the smooth and orderly traffic organization. At the same time, strengthen the work of safety protection of the key out of the station waiting room, channel, platform and other places, the station broadcast system and electronic display using, timely publication of train arrival and departure and ticket information, provide the basis for determining the passenger travel. The railway departments to remind the passengers, the snow weather is likely to continue the recent situation, need to take the train passengers please pay close attention to the train dynamic information website 12306, arrange personal travel plans, so as not to delay the trip. The part of the passenger flights affected by the Xi’an News – Xi’an evening news (reporter Fu Yao) reporter yesterday from Xi’an to the bus terminal to Xi’an yesterday by the snow, long-distance travel affected, according to the weather recovery, each passenger will timely adjust the capacity, the maximum to meet the passenger travel. Among them, the textile city passenger station to the north in Weinan, the bus direction has been suspended to start, Shangluo area of the train departure time was adjusted by telephone and other forms of station travel affected passenger passenger explained the work of textile city. Affected by heavy snowfall weather, November 22nd at 4 pm, the south bus station to Hanzhoung, Yangxian County, Xixiang, Mianxian, in the direction of flight temporarily stopped, to south direction bus has been adjusted. The station staff to have ticket passengers to explain, and timely opening of a full refund refund window to suspend the start line. The staff of each passenger station to remind vehicle departure time change of special weather is larger, passengers can advance understanding of the departure of vehicles through the phone WeChat, the number of public ways. In the part of the highway closed Xi’an News – Xi’an evening news (reporter Fu Yao) reporter 22 from Shaanxi province highway toll management center, by the snow, including Lianhuo highway, Baomao expressway, highway toll station closed part, according to the weather changes, the timely adjustment of the toll station is closed, the public is best advance road information query. By the snow weather, from the beginning of the 22 day morning, part of the highway in our province after the toll station began closed. 2 pm, even between husband water Khodorkovsky high-speed Western Weihe segment to Qin Dong all the toll station entrance temporarily closed. At 3:40 in the afternoon, Wei Yu all high-speed toll station entrance prohibition of hazardous goods transport vehicles and passenger vehicles. 4 pm, Yan Xi Yao west section of high-speed Nie Feng Zhi Ma volume between all the toll station entrance temporarily closed. Because of the slippery road, part of the highway accidents and vehicle amble, 22, 1:48 in the afternoon, closed

陕西部分高速公路封闭 华山进山客车临时停运三条高铁线路限速西安新闻网-西安晚报讯 (记者 付垚) 11月22日,西安迎来今年立冬后的首场降雪,受此影响,西安铁路局管内的西宝、大西、郑西三条高铁线路均限速200公里每小时运行,另外,西安北至大荔的D6876 5次动车停运。在西安火车站和北客站,对站台、地道、天桥等关键部位铺设防滑垫处理,并安排专人负责旅客组织和引导,强化进站口、检票口等人员力量,确保客流组织平稳有序。同时,加强对进出站通道、候车室、站台等关键处所的安全防护工作,利用车站广播系统和电子显示屏,及时公布列车到发情况和票额信息,为旅客确定行程提供依据。铁路部门提醒广大旅客,针对降雪天气可能持续的情况,近期需要乘坐火车的旅客请密切关注12306网站发布的列车动态信息,安排好个人出行计划,以免耽误行程。部分客运班次受影响西安新闻网-西安晚报讯 (记者 付垚) 记者昨日从西安各汽车客运站了解到,受到降雪影响,昨日西安部分长途汽车出行受到影响,根据天气恢复情况,各客运站将及时调整运力,最大限度满足乘客出行。其中,纺织城客运站前往渭南、渭北方向的班车已经暂停发车,前往商洛地区的班车发车时间进行了调整,纺织城客运站通过电话等多种形式对出行受到影响的旅客进行了解释工作。受强降雪天气影响,11月22日下午4时起,城南客运站发往汉中、城固、洋县、西乡、勉县方向的班次暂时停发,前往商南方向班车有所调整。车站工作人员对已购票的乘客进行解释说明,并及时开通退票窗口对暂停发车的线路进行全额退票。各客运站工作人员提醒,特殊天气里车辆发车时间变化较大,乘客可提前通过电话、微信公众号等途径对车辆发车情况进行了解。省内部分高速公路封闭西安新闻网-西安晚报讯 (记者 付垚) 记者22日从陕西省高速公路收费管理中心了解到,受到降雪影响,包括连霍高速、包茂高速在内的多条高速公路部分收费站封闭,根据天气变化,收费站封闭情况将及时调整,市民最好提前查询道路信息。受到降雪天气影响,从22日上午开始,经过我省的部分高速公路收费站开始封闭。下午2时,连霍高速西渭段夫水至秦东之间所有收费站入口暂时封闭。下午3时40分,渭玉高速所有收费站入口禁止危化品运输车辆及客运车辆通行。下午4时,延西高速西耀段聂冯至马额之间所有收费站入口暂时封闭。由于道路湿滑,部分高速公路出现事故及车辆缓行的情况,22日下午1时48分,沪陕高速西商段西安方向灞源至玉山之间K1470+240处发生交通事故,两小时后道路恢复通行。下午4时42分,福银高速商漫段漫川方向高坝至天竺山之间K1498+800处发生交通事故,事故路段临时交通管制,部分车辆进行分流。陕西省高速公路收费管理中心工作人员表示,受恶劣天气影响,道路情况多变,市民在出行前可通过官方微博、公众号或者12122陕西交通服务热线提前了解道路情况。山区公路正加紧除冰雪西安新闻网-西安晚报讯 (记者 付垚) 22日,西安境内普降大雪,而在周边山区高海拔地区,积雪更厚。记者从西安公路管理局了解到,受到降雪影响,部分国省干线实施交通管制,清除积雪工作也在全力展开中。公路管理局工作人员提醒,210国道长安山区段22日19时至23日8时实行交通管制,禁止车辆进山,因省道107将军岭隧道封闭施工,车辆沿省道108绕行途经白鹿原路段时,请注意安全。西安公路管理局管养101省道蓝田山区段路面平均积雪厚度达到10厘米,210国道长安山区段沣峪口至黎元坪段路面积雪厚度8厘米、关石至秦岭顶路面积雪厚达15厘米,108国道周至山区段路面积雪相对较少。截至22日傍晚,210国道恢复半幅通行,108国道、101省道暂时保持正常通行,平原地区各路段道路正常通行。目前,相关工作人员正全力加紧除雪除冰,同时提醒市民,山中气温较低,夜间容易结冰,尽量避免进山。如要通行山区路段,请及时咨询天气和路况,留意公路部门在进山口设置的LED信息提醒,务必安装防滑链。华山进山客车临时停运西安新闻网-西安晚报讯 (记者石俊荣 通讯员王会军) 11月22日一大早,漫天飞舞的雪花覆盖了华山景区进山公路,为确保游览华山游客安全,华阴市交警大队立即启动恶劣天气条件下道路交通安全管理工作应急预案,组织华山交警中队30多名民警深入华山景区各条道路指挥疏导车辆,重点在华山东山门进入华山景区公路设立特勤岗,严禁客运车辆进入华山主峰区。“为了确保登山游客安全,对所有进山车辆进行了临时交通管制,禁止旅游客车进入华山东山门,对进入景区的工作车必须加强防滑链减速慢行。”华阴市交警大队华山中队指导员李涛告诉记者。另据了解,当天10时许,华阴市交警大队民警按照雪天应急预案,对212省道华阴至洛南进山路段实行了临时封闭。在华阴高速路口,设立特勤岗,提醒告诫司机,雪天缓慢行驶。(西安新闻网-西安晚报)注:视频仅为扩展阅读。 实拍北方汽车戴“雪顶”上路 部分高速路段封闭相关的主题文章:

Grade two baby brother to give a clear letter – Sohu maternal and child

The second grade | baby brother a letter to you – mother A Fang’s words: small Sohu Z has a summer job, "I love reading the classic theme of the essay, the subject matter is not limited to. Z attended the "Pinocchio" wrote a letter to a little brother home. Placed here to show as a souvenir. A letter to my brother’s brother: obviously obviously I read a book, it is called "Pinocchio". The author of this book is Collodi of Italy, which was written by Feng Ying and the. I think this book is very good. I recommend it to you now. The picture of this book is very good. Figure painting is very realistic, the color is very bright, the size ratio. The book is well written. Smoothness, coherence. The book tells the story of a carpenter who found a piece of wood to talk, when an old man named Jeperi said he wanted a piece of wood to make a puppet. Jeperi took the wood home, made him a puppet, and named him Pinocchio. As soon as Pinocchio did it, he ran away from home. Then he met many amazing things, including in the circus was almost burnt, encounter pirates, the long noses, a gold coin, father killed, "playing" adventure, eaten by the shark, become a real boy. The whole story is very lively. You have time to read this book! Sincerely wish happy new term! Brother: small Z August 5, 2016 public subscription number — happy parent-child reading (xingfuqinziyuedu), Fang for you to share good books, educational articles, and you exchange the original parental feeling, also tells a story for the children with speech. :)相关的主题文章: