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Lippi returned with Hengda named Ventura Conti for the Italian Association of conflict-木村kaela

Lippi returned with the Italian Football League Hengda named Ventura for Conti Lippi or conflict will return to the morning news reporter Gan Hui Hengda Hengda internal, there is such a rule: resign employees will no longer be enabled. However, this unwritten rule, is likely to change because of Lippi. It is reported that the "silver fox" Lippi is likely to return to Hengda in the 2017 season, Hengda for out of the annual salary of up to twenty million euros. A few days ago, Lippi admitted in an interview that he was considering returning to China, "yes, it’s true, I’m considering returning to china. I had a good time in china. I cherish the beautiful memories. I live in a beautiful city, we often win, where there is an exciting experience. I can go to different restaurants every night. This is an exciting challenge." Initially, after leaving Hengda, Lippi has said he would not coach the club, and now Lippi to change this attitude, and can not serve as the Italy national team technical director has a certain relationship. Since Lippi’s son is a football agent, according to the relevant provisions of the Italy Football Association, Lippi can not serve as technical director of the Italy national team. In this regard, Lippi also attacked the Italy Football Association, "I have an agreement and FA initialed, technical director I will serve as the Italy national team, a full two months of my time in the Football Association, I even repeated communication with Montella, he was also a potential candidate for one of the national team coach. We chose Ventura together. We have already discussed a series of plans for the national team. They told me that a year and a half ago. Because my son is a broker, there is a conflict of interest between me and him, so I can not work in the football association." Of course, Hengda out of the high salary should also have considerable appeal. It is reported that Guangzhou Hengda for Lippi out of a total of 3 euros in the contract for a total of 60 million years, that is to say, the annual salary of Lippi will reach $20 million. The salary is much higher than he had coaching rival 8 million euros, and will also make him more than Guardiola (Manchester City in the salary is 15 million 300 thousand pounds), Ancelotti (in Bayern’s annual salary is 12 million 600 thousand pounds), Mourinho (Manchester United in the salary is 12 million 300 thousand pounds) and other big coach, to become the world’s highest paid football coach. Guangzhou constant group’s current coach is Scolari. June 4, 2015, Guangzhou Evergrande officially announced Scolari replaced Cannavaro as coach. Although last season, Scolari led the Guangzhou Hengda won the Super League and AFC Champions League, but this season in the doldrums AFC Champions League group out. Moreover, Scolari did not dare to enable young players, stubborn rotation and other practices also make the outside world, the rumors about the class has been constantly. Some time ago, Scolari said in an interview with foreign media, he will return to Brazil after the end of the contract. The first hand Lippi and rival is very successful, under the leadership of Lippi, Hengda on a higher level, won the champion AFC Champions League. Lippi and Hengda second hand will write how.相关的主题文章:

Constrained by environmental regulations Ferrari will only sell hybrid

Constrained by environmental regulations, Ferrari will only sell hybrid vehicles. If Ferrari wants to make more money, it will need to sell more cars. If you want to sell more cars, it needs to become more environmentally friendly. After 2019, the company will only sell hybrid vehicles. According to Automotive News website news, Ferrari and Fiat Chrysler CEO Sergio · Marchione said that after 2019, all Ferrari models will use hybrid systems. At the same time, Marchione believes that the next ten years, Ferrari’s annual sales will increase from the current year to more than 8000 vehicles per year to 10 thousand. Currently, Ferrari’s sales target if set in more than 10 thousand words, this figure is very difficult to achieve. The reason for the failure is not related to the company’s production capacity. Constrained by the relevant environmental regulations, Ferrari can only limit the number of cars sold. Therefore, the best way to increase sales is to join the electric drive system. Ferrari currently has LaFerrari (with reference, pictures, inquiry) oil and electricity hybrid series. This year at the Paris motor show, Ferrari also exhibited a LaFerrari Aperta convertible hybrid cars.相关的主题文章:

The whole assembly is expected to end MPV Beiqi Benz suspended screen-winavi

The whole assembly is expected to end MPV Beiqi Benz Benz suspended screen continued to rise China sales, are closely related to the design team benz. After BAIC and Benz cooperation, BAIC independent brand car platform, regardless of appearance, or interior design, have repeatedly seen traces of benz. It is understood Benz interior panorama, Benz technology in the field of MPV or the nurturing of Beiqi own brand. The future, BAIC will by cash Benz R blueprint for the launch of a new high-end MPV, Mercedes Benz car suspended screen is expected to line with the rich sense of science and technology. According to the present situation of Beiqi own brand, we also hypothesize that, under the existing three models MPV the most likely successor Beiqi Wei Wang, Benz technology in the field of MPV, a cash in China’s r. For Beiqi Wei Wang, with technical support to complete the Mercedes Benz brand in the high-end MPV market layout, is undoubtedly the most effective and safest way. Especially popular Benz suspended screen praise, have the ability to make Beiqi Wei Wang to achieve a qualitative leap in interior design. Winwon M50F interior – from June this year, the acquisition of Fujian Benz Benz MPV technology, to nurture Beiqi Wei Wang to transplant, suspended screen, a series of moves has shown that the high-end MPV market for Beiqi expection. According to insiders, some time ago Xu Heyi ‘s head to the chairman has Beiqi Zhuzhou factory to test drive over Benz technology Beiqi Wei Wang high-end MPV models. If Beiqi Wei Wang inherit perfectly Benz r interior style, and successfully assembled suspended screen, then the new models in the design concept, will probably lead independent MPV. We will also continue to focus on this model.相关的主题文章:

Baidu third quarter net profit of $3 billion 102 million, an increase of 9.2%-cibi

Baidu third quarter net profit of 3 billion 102 million yuan, an increase of 9.2% Baidu Phoenix Technology News Beijing on October 28th news, Baidu (NASDAQ:BIDU) today announced as of September 30th 2016 from the third quarter unaudited financial report. The report shows that the total revenue of Baidu in the third quarter of 18 billion 253 million yuan (RMB, same below $2 billion 737 million), down 0.7%; based on GAAP meter (GAAP), net profit of 3 billion 102 million yuan ($465 million 200 thousand), an increase of 9.2%. Baidu third quarter financial data of total revenue: total revenue for Baidu in the third quarter of $18 billion 253 million ($2 billion 737 million), down 0.7%, where the 2015 fiscal third quarter net revenue grew 6.7%. Baidu third quarter mobile revenues accounted for 64% of total revenue in the same period last year was $54%. Which network marketing revenues of 16 billion 490 million yuan (about $2 billion 473 million), down 6.7%. Third quarter active network marketing customer number of about 52.4, down 15.9%. The average revenue from each network marketing customers is about 31 thousand and 300 yuan (about $4694), an increase of 10.6%. Net profit: Based on GAAP, net profit of 3 billion 102 million yuan ($465 million 200 thousand), an increase of 9.2% per American depositary share (ADS) basic and diluted earnings were 8.53 yuan (about 1.28 dollars) and 8.51 yuan ($1.28). Based on non GAAP (non-GAAP), excluding equity compensation expense net profit of 3 billion 447 million yuan (about $516 million 900 thousand), an increase of 6.3%. Diluted earnings per ADS was 9.92 yuan (about $1.49). Operating profit: Baidu’s third quarter operating profit of $2 billion 787 million (about $417 million 900 thousand), an increase of 11%. The transaction service based on non-GAAP in the third quarter operating profit rate down 21.4 percentage points, while Iqiyi will further based on the non-GAAP operating profit margin of 7.7 percentage points lower. Baidu’s third quarter revenue cost of traffic acquisition costs (TAC) of $2 billion 594 million (about $389 million 100 thousand), accounting for 14.2% of total revenue, compared to last year, the previous quarter was $15.9%. Cost of revenue in the bandwidth cost of 1 billion 241 million yuan ($186 million 100 thousand), the proportion of total revenue was 6.8%, 5.3% for the same period last year; the depreciation cost is 802 million 300 thousand yuan ($120 million 300 thousand), the proportion of total revenue was 4.4%, 3.6% for the same period last year; the operation cost is 1 billion 159 million yuan (about US $173 million 700 thousand US dollars), the proportion of total revenue was 6.3%, 6.8% for the same period last year; the content of the cost of 2 billion 211 million yuan ($331 million 600 thousand), in total revenue.相关的主题文章:

National twelve strong race today and South Korea people’s Daily the most common sense – China Netwo-姉summer

In twelve finals this war South Korea people’s Daily: the most common heart – to Beijing in August 31st, Chinese soccer players and coaches to encourage each other before training. On the same day, China’s national men’s soccer team in the World Cup Stadium in Seoul before the training, preparing for the 2018 World Cup qualifiers held in the Asian Games in 12 and South Korea’s game in September 1st. Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Yongmin photo China national football team at the final stage of the World Cup Asian zone qualifying game have the opportunity to compete with Asian powers, from the last 15 years have passed. Beginning in September 1st 12 strong Asian Games, the first opponent is Chinese team ushered in the years of the "victims" South korea. For this game, China and South Korea fans and the attitude of the media hot and cold, different — Chinese media for this war full campaign, and there will be tens of thousands of fans flocked to Seoul Chinese rock on the World Cup Stadium, in each other’s territory of South Korea did not turn from a guest into a host; and the battle over rendering. In the opinion of the local media and fans, a victory should be logical. 3 consecutive Miss World Cup qualifying final stage of the competition, have become China team of rivals in the eyes with a touch of mystery "weak". From the Asian Football center stage for a long time, only a China team play bloody game to regain attention and respect. The forage charter flights to Seoul, the establishment of 3 million yuan to win the prize, the players enjoy the five star hotel room…… National football team overwhelmed the treatment has shown unusual. The pre game adaptability training carried out in August 30th, China team bus car to clear the way, this is the only appearance in the previous match day. In the presence of the players, there are two cars and equipment equipped with staff arrived in advance of the training ground, and do all the preparatory work before training. 12 games have not yet started, a lot of detail has made people feel the Chinese team in terms of logistical support and international standards, China’s football management concept has finally come. Have to say, after the separation of the Chinese Football Association Management Office, the national foot in the battle of the contest has more room for autonomy and choice. Use the market to solve the practical problems, to maximize the team’s combat effectiveness. As for the investment and bonuses from the operation of the "Chinese team" project of the Ford company. In fact, after the Orangemen won the 12 tournament, "Chinese team" of the brand has been further favored businesses before the war, China team also sponsored by the Italy famous men’s clothing brand Zegna. The China completely self-sufficient team can enjoy it all from security, and only in this way can intentnesses in the arena to compete with rivals. Gongxinweishang and South Korea team, "koreaphobia" is not open around the topic. South Korea’s self-confidence, it is based on the two teams in the past 30 games against 17 wins and 12 draws on the overwhelming superiority of the 1. South Korean media said North Korea "Sports", "no country on the pitch". "South Korea football, for China is the fundamental terror." On the afternoon of August 31st, the South Korean national team.相关的主题文章: