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Mother and daughter to buy ribs at low prices the customer is God, I said 20 20- Sohu news aizi

The mother and daughter at price to buy pork ribs: customer is God I said 20 20- Sohu News Daily reporter daqchem Chongqing Daily News said that the customer is God, but if the customer demands too much, believe that the business is also very helpless. Recently, in the (Chongqing) Jiulongpo Yuzhou trading city, traders have to 22 yuan catty sell the retail price of pork, they encounter a pair of mother and daughter to the price of 20 yuan to buy. In desperation, traders had to call for help. Traders in case of stubborn customers helpless alarm customer is God, I said 20 on the 20!" In the morning of August 28th, Jiulongpo City Yuzhou trading trading market, two women in a pork stalls, with traders shouting, attracted many passers-by onlookers. The police rushed to the scene to understand that, originally, Ms. Zhu and two people to go to the market, go to the booth before, see merchants are at 20 yuan catty price, a large number of ribs sold to a customer. Such as Ms. Zhu Niangliang selected ribs when weighing, traders are informed 22 yuan jin. Mother and daughter, this is not willing to, and require traders in accordance with the large customers before the 20 yuan to sell the unit price. Traders said the purchase amount is 20 yuan per catty, retail is 22 yuan catty. This annoyed Ms. Zhu Niangliang, so the two sides had a heated argument. Ms. Zhu Niangliang said today to buy the traders by 20 yuan catty ribs can not. Encountered such contests customers, traders helpless, finally chose the alarm. Police understand the situation, the first is patience appease the mood, then the police told Ms. Zhu, although traders initially did not clear the retail price of 22 yuan a catty, but as long as the turnover of goods before, the parties shall have the right to change the decision. However, Ms. Zhu emotional particularly excited, and even said not to sell 20 pounds, she has been in front of this stall, so that the other party can not do business, anyway, have their own time. The coordination of the police after each 1 yuan to see such dedication of the buyers, the police are helpless, persuaded the traders get out of step out, but the traders also grievances, said Ms. Zhu picked the best ribs, the whole market is the market in pounds by 22 yuan to sell, they sell 20 yuan Jin at a loss, but there is no buyers price. See the two sides deadlocked, the police will be worn out mouth both sides back to the police station mediation. After more than 1 hours of coordination, the two sides eventually agreed to let each step, the price of 21 pounds of pork chops.相关的主题文章:

The Summer Palace cultural exhibition two weeks to sell $250 thousand – China Network thinkpad s230u

The Summer Palace two weeks of cultural and creative exhibition to sell $250 thousand – the new JINGWAH times (reporter Ma Jinfeng) yesterday, the reporter was informed that the Qianlong imperial fan, Facebook costumes…… Those with "history" of the creative product, launched in the first 2 weeks of the the Summer Palace cultural and creative products exhibition ", sold more than 8 thousand, sales of about 250 thousand yuan. Among them, the seventeen hole bridge ruler has become the most representative of the the Summer Palace cultural and creative products. Following the the Imperial Palace opened Taobao shop, the Summer Palace has also been added to the research and development of creative products. In August 16th, the first the Summer Palace cultural and creative products exhibition to carry out, all the cultural and creative products exhibition by the the Summer Palace independent research and development, divided into countryceremony series, Wenwan, creative life tide products and tourism mark 4 series. Including velvet shawl, teapot, cultural relics, miniature fan, clothing, handbags, stationery, stamps and more than 20 species, 4 interval distribution in 10 yuan, 100 yuan, 300 yuan and luxury gifts. Yesterday, the reporter learned that, after two weeks of sales, the Summer Palace sold a total of more than 8 thousand pieces of literature and creative products, sales of about $250 thousand, including office supplies, table mats, clothing and other types. In addition, yesterday also announced the first Beijing the Summer Palace tourism and cultural products exhibition. Seventeen hole bridge ruler from the 60 exhibits stand out, get the first place. But Cuju and auspicious beast clip bookmarks tied for second, seventeen hole bridge mahogany bookmarks, fashion bags and bird paintings of lotus silk shawl was third.相关的主题文章:

No deep space, the development of the storm to refund the interview pot industry rules lm3886

"No deep space" storm dumped pot industry developers refund interview rules no deep space area no deep space "(No Man" s Sky "), and 90% received countless refund from the public offering before the loss of game player attention and high heat to release the bad review, has experienced a dramatic turning point. As a pure audience Xiaobian sincerely feel very exciting. Many players feel that no man deep space, the early propaganda fraud suspect, hype over, and now, it seems that the publisher Hello Games co-founder Sean Murray may also agree with this view. Recently, in an interview with the media, Sean Murray talked about his "deep space" of the development of unmanned and dumped by the original pot. The idea of "no man’s deep space" began with my own desire to explore the stars. Early in 2010, I was the technical director of the Criterion, has been in charge of "burnout" (Burnout) game engine. Although this job is very interesting, but those cars can not send me into space. And because I’m not good at sports, I don’t think I’ll ever get a chance to get tested by NASA and ESA astronauts. In the end, I decided to use the game to bring everyone together!" Murray Sean said. According to the Sean Murray himself said, in fact they team was "fame", although all the chips and the first to experience two fund-raising and opinions current very fire feedback channels, but they have no glimmer of interest in these, just want to do the game according to their own will. "When we were flooded by the studio, that is, by the end of 2013," nobody deep space "was announced at the VGX awards. I have a friend who is also in the game industry that time to go to the public Kickstarter will get quite good results. But I’m not going to do this – the warm reaction from everyone on VGX really scared me. I know that we are doing this with the vast majority of the industry draw further apart the studio line, after all, many developers are actively seeking feedback to the gaming community and on the basis of the game game player views changes, even with the early demo version, but this is not my style." This navigation Sina statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. No one deep space area in the night before we go to VGX, I suddenly realized that we really want to "no deep space" to show you. It would be angry if the people who worked with us were exposed to it so early — after all, we had a secret to develop. But I have to owe them this time, because there are rules in an industry, sometimes we can’t decide." Sean Murray then explained. So what does this "rule" mean? Sean Murray said: "in general, in the game development process.相关的主题文章:

Online agent call you die business hot spent 30 yuan will be able to make people crazy News – Sohu 法拉利599gto

Online agent call you can spend 30 yuan business hot crazy – Sohu news police: Hohhot people report suspected illegal harassment lawyer: Ms. Liu yesterday received a strange number to call, every 35 minutes. The only sound for two seconds each time, but under her off hours, mobile phone to restore calm. Beijing Morning Post reporter survey found, online generation retaliation "call you die" business weekly and monthly hot, optional, minimum spend 30 yuan can make each other. Reporter personally experience, 5 minutes to receive a variety of strange numbers call nearly 40 times. Police said that the public suffered such a telephone harassment, you can call the network with the center of garbage reporting bad information hotline 12321, or by accepting the official website of the center, APP report. Lawyers said that for such a software and harassment behavior is very serious, and may be subject to detention and fines. Encounter mobile phone was ringing off the hook was forced to shutdown Liu said, harassing phone calls from home call you received is not the same, all over the country, and even some number of unknown origin, each ring number is only two seconds to hang up. "One morning I call even ‘scrapped’, others also can not come in." In desperation, Ms. Liu can only shut down. Coincidentally, the small students have received similar harassment, because she in the online shopping to the seller a bad review". "Bought a pair of sports shoes, quality and packaging are not the same as the store is obvious, it gave a bad review." Small Gu said, after she received a business phone, ask instead, "I refused, in the afternoon the phone was a strange number" ". Who had heard of this situation, the first time small sellers to guess, "I just asked her not to" call you die "software to harass me, the other did not deny, repeatedly said I cancel the bad is all right. Because at that time was very annoying harassment, and there is no other way, so they changed the evaluation of goods before seeking peace". Experience 5 minutes received 40 calls in fact, annoying "call you die" selling online public service. Reporters found a service provider through QQ, the other side of the price of 50 yuan a day. If you choose a weekly and monthly, can also get preferential. Concern for the reporter to buy service will not be found, some businesses are very sure that it was "safe", "is the machine call, random number is also empty, did not check out". The reporter learned that, in addition to "call", but also "personally started", as long as the purchase of a "call you die" software, "calling" a user only 30 yuan a day, monthly package price concessions. Good operation, package teaching package will be regularly updated, which is the commitment of the business. In order to obtain the trust of reporters, a businessman sent to the reporter through a trial version of QQ links, invited reporters to experience, after payment. Reporter opened found that address displayed in singapore. Web page statement, the software is only for urban construction, urban management department to combat small ads, harassing phone calls and other legitimate purposes, not for extortion, extortion and other illegal acts." (pictured) but the reporter experience相关的主题文章:

Wanghailou Chinese peace – Beijing won’t mess around ravbin

Wanghailou: Chinese peace – Beijing won’t mess around: "China and ASEAN to take measures to ease tensions in the South China Sea" and "the ASEAN summit not issued a statement on the South China sea". Recently held the nineteenth China ASEAN leaders’ meeting and the ASEAN Summit came the news, people see the situation in the South China Sea improved momentum, feel the desire to strengthen cooperation between the parties. For a long time, the South China Sea over some storm, to feel China domestic tightening the external environment, but also to the international community that is showing strong Chinese. Actually, it’s not exactly the same thing. On the one hand, in recent years Chinese around the hot mix, is closely related with the external forces to intervene; on the other hand, China diplomacy highlights a lot, in contrast to many parts of the world. More importantly, Chinese unswervingly follow the road of peaceful development, and to not let, not around the turmoil of war; and the continuous development of Chinese is a staunch force safeguarding world peace, peace China, do not mess around. No, this is the root. Chinese is committed to achieving the "two one hundred year" goal and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream, is in the full completion of the decisive stage of a well-off society, needs a good international environment including the surrounding environment. This is China repeatedly emphasized the concept of policy. Health and chaos around the war is not in line with China’s interests, China does not want to see this happen. Since the reform and opening up, China has always adhered to the good neighbor foreign policy, the relationship with neighboring countries presents an unprecedented good situation, from the harvest of the peace dividend, but also benefit the neighboring countries and the world. It is on this basis, in recent years China proposed Pro Cheng Hui Yung "diplomacy surrounding the concept and several other countries welcomed especially the neighboring countries to take China development" express "" ride ", emphasizing the" The Belt and Road along "the benefit of the country and the people, show great sincerity and broad mind. No, it’s attitude. Pro Pro look good, O O look good for you, with people. For thousands of years, especially in modern times, China suffered frequent and restless surrounding all bitterness, naturally do not want to repeat the neighbors. China would like to see the neighboring countries to maintain peace and stability and achieve development progress. In order to realize the development and accelerate the development, we must maintain peace and stability, and we must not engage in any war. However, due to various reasons, not only between China and neighboring countries, but also between neighboring countries may also be contradictions, differences, friction. For some of the major events surrounding, directly related to China, China will naturally be properly handled; not directly related, China will not stand idly by. But China has always adhered to the five principles of peaceful coexistence, will not interfere in the internal affairs, not on others, not to interfere, big or small, bullying. The contradiction between neighboring countries, the differences and frictions, China always matchmaking, on promoting peace and resolve to eliminate, so as to promote peace and stability in the region. No, this is the ability. In today’s world, great changes, great development, big adjustment, great turning point is obvious, peace, development, cooperation and win-win situation has become the mainstream, but the world is not peaceful. With China’s overall national strength has been increasing, there is always speculation "China Threat Theory", some western countries trying to contain China相关的主题文章: