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Affiliate-Revenue There are several different types of CPA offers. You should at some point try all of them and see which offers the best conversion rate. In this article, I shall try to give you an intro to the different types of offers out there though, and maybe give you a head start in your introduction to CPA Marketing. Hopefully you already have a niche you’ve carved out for yourself and in the future you can focus on offers that you find are most profitable for you. So, here are some of the types of offers you may .e across… The e-mail submit offer is very popular. Many .panies find e-mail lists very profitable and are willing to pay well to acquire e-mail addresses. As a CPA marketer, you get paid for every e-mail address you provide, simple as that! The payouts are generally pretty low, but if you can generate volume, you can still make a lot of money with these offers. Another popular offer type is the free trial. Both .panies and marketers like them because they are easy to promote. Except for shipping, the offer is .pletely free to the customer, and is a great opportunity for customers to get a product they want for very little money and ‘try it out’. These offers are ultimately profitable for the .pany because, by signing up for a free trial, the customers are usually agreeing to a monthly fee so they can receive the product every month after the trial. That ongoing relationship is the .pany’s responsibility – the only thing you need to worry about is bringing them the lead. These leads are particularly appealing because they pay so well- anywhere from $20-$100 per offer. It’s no wonder that free trial offers are so popular! Another .mon type of offer is the pay-per-sale. These are very similar to other affiliate marketing offers. You receive a percentage or a set dollar amount for each sale you generate and – in most cases – sales made to that customer thereafter. Whilst much more difficult to promote and convert, these can often lead to a residual in.e which takes no further effort from you whatsoever! Zip submit is yet another .mon kind of offer. This offer is typcially low-paying (between $1-$5 per submit), but as with e-mail offers, high volume can easily make this offer very profitable for you. The only piece of information collected is the potential customer’s zip code. The .pany making the offer then has a way to use that zip code to collect customer information and to promote their products to them. Whether a sale is made eventually is not your problem; you get paid for each zip code submitted, no matter what. These are the most .mon types of offers you will run into as a CPA marketer. Even though the variety you see out there may seem overwhelming at first, keep in mind that most will fall into one of the categories above. It’s up to you to determine if there is one type you want to focus on, or if you prefer to work with as many different types as possible. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: