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Equipped with HiFi 3 vivo Xplay5 will be listed vivo Xplay5 has been determined to be released in March 1st, according to spy and related configuration can be seen, the machine is a "God" and the CPU mobile phone, equipped with 820 Xiaolong processor and combined with 6GB of memory to run, vivo Xplay5 gives the surprise is unlimited. Recently, there is more reliable news, that is, vivo announced on micro-blog, "[Hi-Fi 3.0] peak never stop.". On the vivo fast borderless Xplay5, we realized the mobile phone Hi-Fi 3 revolution, let mobile Hi-Fi experience "fast" music without borders." That is, Xplay5 will adopt the latest HiFi 3 technology, which makes fans have to look forward to it more. Near the release, vivo Xplay5 was determined again, the machine uses hyperboloid side screen, using 6 inches 2K screen, front and rear configuration of 8 million pixel camera and 16 million pixel camera, the whole machine looks absolutely stunning. Configuration, in addition to the configuration of Xiaolong 820 processor, as well as 6GB running memory, but also equipped with 4300mAh super capacity battery, let you get rid of power trouble. With a strong Hi-Fi design, the perfect reduction in the loss of signal processing, sound bottom noise processing more clean, so the price of vivo Xplay5 may not be cheap, there are people estimated at around 4000 yuan.

搭载HiFi 3.0技术 vivo Xplay5将上市   vivo Xplay5已经确定将于3月1日发布,根据谍照和相关配置可以看出,该机是一部及“逆天”的手机,就CPU搭载骁龙820处理器和辅以6GB运行内存来说,vivo Xplay5给人的惊喜也是无限的。近日更有可靠消息,即vivo在微博上宣布,“[Hi-Fi 3.0]巅峰从未止步。在vivo快无边界Xplay5上,我们实现了手机Hi-Fi 3.0革命,让手机Hi-Fi体验‘快’乐无边界。”,也就是Xplay5将会采用最新的HiFi 3.0技术,这个消息让粉丝们不得不更加期待了。   临近发布,vivo Xplay5再次被确定,该机外观上采用双曲面侧屏,采用6英寸2K屏幕,前后各配置800万像素摄像头和1600万像素摄像头,整机看起来是绝对的惊艳。配置上,除了配置了骁龙820处理器还有6GB的运行内存外,还配置了4300mAh超大容量的电池,让你摆脱用电烦恼。   有了强劲的Hi-Fi设计,完美的降低了信号在处理中的损失,将声音底噪处理的更加干净,故而vivo Xplay5的售价可能不会便宜,有人士估计在4000元左右。相关的主题文章: