Old friends in Zimbabwe 300 Chinese water wells – emergency financial Sohu pork face

Old friends in Zimbabwe 300 "Chinese water wells" emergency financial Sohu – affected by the El Nino phenomenon, Zimbabwe is facing the worst drought since 1992, crop production, animal husbandry and water severely affected residents. Zimbabwe vice president of Emerson? Munanjiaguwa says 28 days, because the water level of domestic reservoir has been close to or at the lowest point in history, the drought emergency plan has been launched. In order to alleviate the effects of drought and water shortage for the people of Zimbabwe, Chinese government funded the reconstruction of Zimbabwe 300 wells. These "Chinese wells" distribution across Zimbabwe, the local people for a solution as pressing danger. If it doesn’t rain reservoir will be completely dried up at 4 in the morning, the alarm clock to wake up Musaluka odd wave?. She picked up the two buckets, starting from Mount Darwin’s home town, 5 km trek 4, just to find a well. "Over the past month, this is the first thing I have to do every day," Moussa Luca told reporters, "I must start before the sun rises, to ensure to get the water before others, after 8 o’clock in the morning, almost no water in the well." Mount Darwin is located in the town of Zimbabwe about 160 kilometers northeast of the capital of Harare. The forest Jindi reservoir as its water supply and Mu Lei method are close to the reservoir dried up, the town of tap water in a month ago has stopped the supply. For town residents, the water has become the most important thing every day. Many people have to spend several hours, from rivers, wells and dry reservoirs in the water. The reporter saw in the forest Jindi reservoir, the original reservoir area of 5 square kilometers, 6 now shrunk to less than 0.2 square kilometers. Dinasjo, a local resident, said that over the years, the water level of the reservoir has never been as low as it is this year, and if it doesn’t rain, it will be completely dry. "For us to find clean water is too difficult," Mr Ha says, due to the lack of clean water, local residents have to use raw water, coupled with poor sanitary conditions, many people are worried about the spread of typhoid, cholera and other infectious diseases. In the face of 40 cents (about 2.7 yuan) a bottle of pure water, many local residents and Teng zhoigya as her "dey?, simply can not afford to buy". Chinese funded 300 wells for the serious drought and water crisis, Zimbabwe vice president Mnangagwa 28, announced the launch of drought contingency plans, including specific measures for urban water supply, to ensure that the rural basic water restrictions, excavation more wells. Zimbabwe’s last experience of such a severe drought in 1992. The drought caused the water level of reservoir or close to the lowest level in history, but also in the depletion of groundwater, "Mnangagwa said," residents in rural areas affected by drought, millions of people in need of clean drinking water." At present, the average water storage capacity of the Zimbabwe reservoir is 42%, while the average annual water storage capacity of 50%; the average groundwater level has dropped to the ground floor of 100 meters, lower than the normal year about 20 meters. Zimbabwe’s Ministry of environment recently said that the Department plans to fan in the country.相关的主题文章: