Shanghe man murder fled 20 years pipansihuan during which was also due to prison for rape

Shanghe man murder fled 20 years pipansihuan during which was also due to prison for rape in Shanghe county and village villager Liu fellow.he Lee affair, the thing is exposed by her husband, Wang beat, gourmets resentment, then borrow electricity kill Wang die. Recently, the Ji’nan intermediate people’s court public hearing this from intentional homicide and sentenced 20 years Liu fled to death, suspended for two years. According to the prosecution allegations, before the incident, the defendant Liu Mouceng and the victim Wang Hua’s wife Li Li had an improper relationship between men and women. Liu even with Lee eloped once, two people ran to Xinjiang, live for half a year. Six months later, the two returned to their hometown in Shanghe. People are coming back, can not make a big thing, was wearing a "cuckold" Wang would not let go? According to the defendant Liu statement, Wang and his family will beat him a dozen, being beaten several days can not be bed. Since then, the two beams as more deep. Liu said that Wang’s family bursts will come to his home at a field, but Wang is holding a shotgun, claiming to kill him. In a constant state of anxiety, when electrician Liu decided to do two endlessly, simply pre emptive, electricity to kill wang. In April 5, 1995, Liu quietly put two wires, built on another villager’s home wire, set "trap"". 7 night, defenseless Wang passed here, was in the dark Liu wire stabbed forehead, instantly fell to the ground. Found that Wang did not breathe, Liu hurriedly dragged the body to a nearby villagers idle courtyard, digging deep buried. Late at night, Liu came home and touched his mother’s room. After a simple conversation with her mother, she embarked on the road of escape. And Wang’s body until 3 months after the incident was found, the local police immediately investigation, Liu will be listed as a major suspect. In 2011, in the Qing net action, the police extracted Liu family’s DNA storage. In 2015, the more than 60 year old Liu in Xinjiang with false name to the account, the local police found that, then contact the Shanghe police. Shanghe police by DNA comparison, confirm that the person is a fugitive Liu, and Liu arrested, this pile of dust laden for more than 20 years old cases surfaced again. Even more surprising is that in 2004, Liu fled to Xinjiang during the rape had been sentenced to imprisonment for 6 years, was released from prison in 2009. In October 26th, the first instance of Ji’nan intermediate people’s court held that the defendant was guilty of intentional homicide, and sentenced to death by Liu, who was sentenced to two years’ probation.

商河男子杀人逃亡20年被判死缓 其间还曾因强奸入狱   商河县村民刘某和村里的有夫之妇李某偷情,事情暴露后,被其丈夫王某暴打,遂心生怨恨,便“借电杀人”将王某电死。日前,济南中院公开审理了这起故意杀人案,一审判处逃亡20余年的刘某死刑,缓期两年执行。   根据检方指控,案发前,被告人刘某曾与被害人王华的妻子李某有过一段不正当男女关系。刘某甚至还带李某私奔过一次,两人跑到新疆,一住就是半年。半年后,两人又回到商河老家,各回各家。人是回来了,可事儿算闹大了,被戴“绿帽子”的王某岂会善罢甘休?根据被告人刘某供述,王某与其家人将他暴打一顿,被打得好几天下不了床。   自此,两家的梁子越结越深。刘某供称,王某的家人隔三差五就会到他家里来骂一场,而王某则拿着一把猎枪,声称要弄死他。惶惶不可终日之间,当过电工的刘某决定一不做二不休,干脆先发制人,用电杀死王某。   1995年4月5日,刘某悄悄将两根电线,搭在另一村民家的电线上,设下“陷阱”。当晚7点,毫无防备的王某路过此处,被黑暗中的刘某用电线刺中前额,瞬间倒地。发现王某没了呼吸后,刘某慌忙将尸体拖到旁边一户村民闲置的院落内,挖坑深埋。   深夜,回家后的刘某摸进母亲的房间,与母亲简单的对话后,便踏上了逃亡之路。而王某的尸体直到案发后3个月才被发现,当地警方随即立案侦查,将刘某列为重大嫌疑人。   2011年,在清网行动中,警方提取刘某家人的DNA入库。2015年,60多岁的刘某在新疆用假名字去上户口,当地警方比对发现,随即联系商河警方。商河警方通过DNA比对,确认该人就是逃犯刘某,并将刘某抓获归案,这桩尘封了20多年的旧案再次浮出水面。   更令人意外的是,2004年,刘某潜逃新疆期间还曾因犯强奸罪被判处有期徒刑6年,2009年刑满出狱。   10月26日,济南中院一审认为,被告人刘某故意杀人罪名成立,一审判处刘某死刑,缓期两年执行。相关的主题文章: